Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Studying in France will give you an opportunity to study French - the language which is the third most spoken language in the European Union. The safe and secure political atmosphere and efficient educational system in France makes it one of the prime academic destinations of the world.  France, which is the fourth largest economy of the world, provides all the support for its student community, a considerable percentage of which represents international students.  It would be a great experience to be the part of a society where the people enjoy one of the highest standards of living among the countries across the world. France is a country blessed with wonderful landscapes, great culture and rich tradition. The educational programs in France help the students to understand its history, culture and tradition taking the educational system out of the walls.

A historical country with a strong sense of identity, France is infused with natural splendor, fine wines and cheeses, and sumptuous restaurants for food-lovers. The food in France is certainly one of the things to explore and enjoy while studying here - you'll find some of the most authentic and appetizing flavors around. As a student in France, you can be sure you'll never go hungry! France is technologically-advanced as well, thus you can take advantage of the many research and development institutes and facilities that are available within the country if you want to further your studies in the field of research and development. And the richness of its heritage would definitely blow you away.

International students studying in France will benefit from the huge array of student discounts on offer, particularly in the many arts venues throughout the country. If you want to attend a high-quality institution in a nation with a proud intellectual heritage which will have the added benefit of making everyone you know jealous, then is the answer could well be ‘yes’. Studying abroad in France is commonplace at all academic levels, provided your existing qualifications are recognized by the establishment concerned.

One of the features of the French higher education system is that it includes a very wide range of institutions, each with its own objectives, structures and admission requirements. What's more, no distinction is made in France between French and international students: the entrance requirements and admission fees for foreign student admissions and French nationals are the same and the degrees are identical.

Some of the most popular advantages of studying in France are –
  • Grants and scholarships
  • Working in France during your studies
  • Working in France after your studies
  • Skills and talents combined work and residence permit
  • The quality, accessibility and dynamic nature of its education system
  • High quality and standard of living
  • Excellence of culture, economy and social experiences
  • Engineering schools - A French specificity of high level
  • A country in the heart of Europe
  • Quality infrastructures in a protected environment