Study in New Zealand

Why New Zealand?

Within a relatively short time, New Zealand has developed a sophisticated, unrestrictive business environment that competes aggressively in world markets. It joins our predominantly agriculture-based economy which continues to deliver the bulk of our export earnings. The success of this has seen decreasing unemployment, a strengthening dollar, soaring stock values and business confidence at an all-time high.

The dynamic growth in the business market has boosted real incomes, broadened and deepened the technological capabilities of industries and given businesses the impetus to invest in new plant, machinery and staff. Some of the industries really surging ahead are in niche sectors of manufacturing, information and communications technology, tourism, film production, editing and special effects, bio-tech, wood processing, construction, call centres and retail trade.

However, this unprecedented period of growth has resulted in a number of occupation categories reporting a desperate need for skilled, qualified personnel. And now, more than ever, New Zealand is looking overseas for migrants with the experience, skills and desire to make a difference. For instance in the Health and Education sectors there is a need for more teachers, nurses, doctors, radiologists etc