Friday, November 8, 2013

Study in New Zealand

 OTAGO POLYTECHNIC IS ONE OF THE BEST TERTIARY INSTITUTIONS IN NEW ZEALAND FOR APPLIED, HANDS-ON LEARNING.,1207046305,1/stock-photo-new-zealand-button-flag-star-shape-10999591.jpgLOCATION : Dunedin, Auckland & Central Otago,1207046305,1/stock-photo-new-zealand-button-flag-star-shape-10999591.jpgOVERVIEW :

Otago Polytechnic provides excellent learning experiences for a wide range of learners, nationally and internationally, and is a cornerstone of the economic, social and cultural development of the Otago region. THEY RANK #1 IN SUPPORTING STUDENTS ACHIEVE THEIR GOALS.They lead in the sector in education for the health professions, fine arts, design, veterinary nursing and animal care and information technology.  Their curriculum are designed to staircase learners through progressive levels of learning.,1207046305,1/stock-photo-new-zealand-button-flag-star-shape-10999591.jpgCOURSES:
cid:image004.png@01CE8F93.450CE300,1207046305,1/stock-photo-new-zealand-button-flag-star-shape-10999591.jpgINTAKES :
 Main Intakes – Feb & July
  Other Intakes – Differs (Depends on Course)
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