Thursday, September 19, 2013

Step by step plan for USA

My dear USA Aspirant

Great journey with starts with one decision and decision leads to gathering real ingredients to form an action plan. Like wise when you are planing to do your bachelors or masters or phd in USA,its lengthy plan and this plan will form a shape only after your constant work on each small document.Here i mentioned briefly how you can gather to leave your bow to hit university admission committee.

GRE preparation,we are an educational counselors not a trainers so we always talks about high scores,how to prepare and what needs to be eliminated and add in your preparation is purely your choice and as an education counselor we will give input to you on non-subject matters to stay strong in your subject like don't take short cut method, review from the bottom of period rather simply understanding from the outer view analysis,get into the topic and digest it.Stay calm,figure out where you are finding difficulty and unbreakable,those areas mark it as priority and keep practice,until you feel yes i can score 320 out of 340,aim high, think high, keep always ambitious goal,plan,rework and plan and achieve it.

Now the time to block the test date,here common issues dates are not available? ha how,how !!!!!!!

Here real opportunity is knocking the door,time to move out from your city to take test in other cities.

Just block anywhere in India and start review your preparation, attempt as many as mock tests honestly, without any excuse.

Your mock test attempt, honest judgement will give how much you are going to get in real test,you just try what is wrong in doing something good for yourself.

Only doers knows what to do and apply common sense and do it.

All the best