Monday, February 4, 2013

Study in USA-Fall-Spring-Summer Intakes

  • Land of opportunities
  • Engineering, Pharmacy, Life Sciences and MBA most popular streams
  • Most preferred country over 7,65,000 students are studying
  • Every year over  80,000 students are travelling to USA from India on F1 visa
  • USA is global village mix of all nations, colours and languages
  • USA welcomes good profiles (60%,300,6.5/90+good  enough in F1 VISA INTERVIEW)
  • Encourages apply early and possibilities of higher scholarships
  • 4900 universities and 900 fields of study
  • Universities are mix of public (42%) and private (58%)
  • Scholarships,Grants,Teaching Assistance,fee waivers  many more funding sources for bright profiles
  • Rolling Admissions