Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Top-notch academics meet exquisite natural beauty and Maori culture in New Zealand. Enjoy outdoor adventure by taking advantage of hiking, skiing, fishing, camping and river rafting opportunities throughout the country, or simply take a stroll through the famously beautiful countryside. New Zealand has plenty of urban excitement, too. From the vibrant capital city of Wellington to sophisticated Auckland to college-town Dunedin, New Zealand’s cities feature sports, entertainment, cultural attractions and lots to see and do. It’s no wonder Lonely Planet named New Zealand the top destination in the world two years in a row! 

Education in New Zealand is based on a system that was primarily modeled after British practices and approaches. This was largely inevitable, as the island nation was under British sovereignty from 1840. Although many other Western countries would trade and interact with New Zealand, the nation was basically an extension of the British Empire during its most formative period, and this was clearly reflected in the school systems. New Zealand is second to none for climatic and scenic diversity, as well as rugged and mythical appeal.

New Zealanders are famous for their warm hospitality to overseas visitors. Perhaps this is because they come from many ethnic backgrounds themselves–New Zealand culture is a mix of European, Maori, and Pacific Island heritages. The dominant cultural groups are the Pakeha (European) and Maori, while smaller groups include Yugoslavian Dalmatians, Polynesians, Indians, and Chinese.

If you choose to study abroad in New Zealand, your journey may take you to Auckland, the country's largest city (population 1.2 million), located to the north on the North Island. Technology-focused students are most likely to find a suitable college program in Auckland.

Universities in New Zealand are internationally recognized for there innovative teaching methods. There are government bodies as well as a few local bodies with in most of the universities in New Zealand that keep a track of quality of education and ensure that education standards are maintained.  Colleges in New Zealand provides three types of degrees bachelors, masters and P.H.D (Doctoral) and number of students all over the globe turns out every year for these programs.

NZ is one of the safest destinations to study abroad. There are numbers of top international universities in New Zealand and every university offers variety of courses to study these are the reasons for exponential growth of education industry in New Zealand. New Zealand has some of the best international universities which are known worldwide a few of those universities are University of Otago, University of Auckland and University of Canterbury. There are many universities that provide scholarships and financially aid to the students with excellent academic record. Scholarship Committee set up by New Zealand government provides number of scholarships and rewards for undergraduate and post graduate students.

New Zealand’s education system is based on the British system, which makes it recognised in a number of countries so students can either progress to further education in New Zealand or other English speaking nations, or move to further study or employment back in their home countries easily.