Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Germany is a go-to destination for students trying to make a decision about where to go abroad for many reasons. It’s a country so rich in history that is centrally located in Europe for easy weekend trips and is infamous for excellent beer. What more could a college student want? German architecture is exquisite and shopping will not disappoint, whilst the nightlife in the major cities is second to none. For those preferring the quiet life, the picturesque countryside, historic palaces and abbeys, and the Black Forest Mountains by the Rhine provide the perfect getaway. Skiing in winter is, of course, also an option. Studying abroad in Germany will have plenty to offer, from exciting cities, culture and museums, to a variety of major festivals, music, film and beer.

The thought of learning and its well execution finds expression with German, which is one of the developed countries personifying the universal spirit of learning especially in the field of Engineering, IT, Management, Creative Communication, Science, Architecture and Medicine. Study abroad in Germany has been a hub of various important activities related to developments and innovations in these areas of study programs for students and professionals all over the world. The development and progression in these areas have been stylized to the extent that it has become an important decision for students aspiring to be the best in the international field. The one main factor that attracts most of the students to Germany to study there is nominal tuition fee. As most of the universities are government undertaking or government universities, so they charge very low fee from students. International students pursue various courses in this country to hone their skills and build professional career. They contribute significantly in international applicable advances in research and innovation.
Some special features:

·Students are allowed to stay for one year after the completion of the study program. Your work permit could be further extended by that employer.
·Country’s strong economic position has also led to the use of German as the preferred language of commerce in a number of Eastern European countries.
·Learning German language will open the doors to various cultural centers of Europe: Berlin, Vienna, Geneva, Zurich, Frankfurt and Munich.
·Permanent Residency permission within 5 years of working full-time in Germany.
· German Immigration option is also valid for international students.
· Minimum documentation required for visa process and no financial declaration documents required.
·Part-time jobs allowed 20 hours per week making learning and living conditions within the reach of the students.
Germany is also India’s most important EU business partner, especially for machinery, automobiles,
chemical and electrical products as well as IT. The country is having more than 300 institutions of higher
education; it is one of the top most countries in the field of research, science and technology.